to Surf in Gran Canaria

Surfing in Las Palmas and Gran Canaria's Coastline: Spots, Surfcamps

There’s hardly any other place in Europe where surfing is SO popular. There are so many surf fans here that this aquatic sport has taken on special significance and become the “national sport” of surf in spain and gran canaria. At Canteras Beach one can see many lads sharpening up their skills, even 8-year-olds come here with their surfing boards every day after school. Some surf stars of today started their carrier at Gran Canaria. No wonder there’re so many admirers of surf in spain here. Gran Canaria, especially from October to March, is a paradise for all the surfers and boarders.

Looking for a way out of the dank, snowy winter? Wanna feel the waves of Gran Canaria? We’re waiting for you! What do we offer you? The average water temperature in winter is 19-21 C, in summer - 23-25 C.

From October till March one can enjoy the best and the most gripping waves one can dream of, whereas during sommer season there’s no better place for beginners, who can find at Gran Canaria (almost) safe conditions for taking up this exciting hobby, which can grow into a lifelong passion.

Surfing in “Surf-City” Las Palmas

Numerous spots just near Las Palmas make this surfing area even more attractive. Take a bus from Las Palmas and in some minutes you can start your surf ride. Some spots of the north coast are situated a bit far off the city, and, if you want to explore all the spots of Las Palmas, you can rent a car, and in a short time you reach these remote surfing areas and enjoy the waves. A great number of shops, schools, and even camps for surfers make Las Palmas an awesome place for everyone, who is crazy about surfing, doesn’t matter whether you’re a freshman or an ace, who wants to renew his equipment.

After training you can have a drink and relax at one of many bars of the city. Almost all of them are situated near the spot La Cicer, which is probably the most popular surfing area of Gran Canaria.

There’re at least 9 official spots for all skill levels in Las Palmas. If you want to take up surfing, don’t hesitate – “Beach Break” La Cicer at Canteras Beach is a perfect place for you. Here you’re sure to find a surf school, where they will help you to master the board. If you’re not an amateur anymore, then you should go for a challenge. Why not try the world renowned spot “El Confital”? It’s said to be among the spots with the best waves around the world!

Surf spots on the north coast of Gran Canaria

Some minutes by car or by bus and you’re on the north coast of Gran Canaria, where you can discover numerous surf spots. An ace will enjoy the waves at El Fronton, an amateur will find “Beach Breaks” Playa de Vagabundos or Playa de Bocabarranco exciting.

The fact that one can enjoy the waves in the north of Gran Canaria is a well-known one. But for you discovers Gran Canaria anew. There’re so many striking things waiting for you to be discovered, settlements and graves of the aboriginal people of Gran Canaria, dozy fishing villages, tiny lakes hidden in the rocks, desolate sandy beaches, and huge cliff line between the harbour Puerto de las Nieves and dozy village San Nicolas with its unique tomato and banana plantations

To get to know Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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