About Hotels, Apartments & Studios at Las Palmas Canteras Beach

different types of holiday accommodation & rentals of vacation apartments in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The Las Palmas Canteras beach area offers various options like classic Hotel accomodation, serviced Apartments and vacation lettings from private owners. As Las Palmas City is not only a beach resort, but also a 400.000 inhabitants capital, pricing & quality parameters are not equally like in Gran Canaria's southern resortsRead our explanation and check with us your best accomodation options for short stays, weekly vacations or middle & long term rentals arround Las Palmas Canteras beachfront.

Accomodation options at Canteras beach

check the best booking options for short trips, weekly vacations or to hibernate

The Las Palmas Canteras beachfront is one of the most expensive estate areas at Gran Canaria island, because not only the most favored resdiencial area of the Canarian Capital, but also a very desired holiday resort because of its ocean-views, its nice sandy beach and the incomparable low distance between city attractions and beach life. Thats why the accomodation prices depend much more on the residential markets variability than in any other part of the island. Still regular residential contracts directly at beachfront cost about 40% more than similars behind the beachline. So please notice that accomodation prices depend much more on the specific location and available space, than on other criteria like room quality or services. It is self evident that holiday rentals with open calendars cannot be cheaper or even at the same level than regular residential contracts, starting at arround 400 € per month for small flats behind the beachline of the Santa Catalina district. Apartments bringing not sufficient income in touristical explotation will finally rented out to the regular market, which also has a high demand in this area.

Except some very disputable hostals or pensions, not any acceptable room with very basic standard costs less than arround 30 Euros per night on short stays, like in Pension Plaza or Hostal Valencia for example. This price range should be taken as a basic parameter, when comparing short stay accomodation prices of Hotels, Apartments or even private rentals. 

While hotels or hostals and pensions offer mostly room-sizes arround 20 square meters, Apartments, Studios and private vacation rentals offer mostly the double or triple surface, a kitchen and in some cases the terraces surface is still bigger than a whole Hotel room. So it should be understandable, that Apartments generally cannot offer of the same room-quality and service as Hotels in a similar price range, because they have much higher cost for the rooms surface and maintenance of kitchen and other details.

serviced Apartments or rentals directly from the private owner

Commercial driven Apartment buildings like Playa Dorada permit more flexible bookings and shorter rental terms, as they can play better with their occupation calendar. They include services like cleaning and frequent change of bedlinen and towels, reception and other details known from classic hotelery. This type of accomodation is the best compromise for guests, which like to enjoy services, but also claiming more space and better views than in a hotel room. 

Holiday rentals directly from private owners are dedicated to guests, prefering total self catering and do not miss any services like cleaning or room-maid. You will get still more space, better equipment or location for the money in comparison with similar priced options. But this options are mostly restricted to a minimum stay of one week or longer and less flexible in case of changes or cancelations. Also a fee for the final cleaning & setup is usually charged extra, because not included in the calculation. Private rentals are the cheapest option in comparison, we offer basic and low priced options, medium level and also high standard flats like "Las Palmeras", Atlantis Attico" or "Nautilus" Apartment, which can compete with the best hotels in room quality (but without service).

Overview holiday accomodation in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

vacation rentals for singles, couples, families, surfers, budget travelers

Apartments, Studios with Ocean-Views at Playa Canteras beachfront

occupation: S=person in single-bed, D=person in kingsize/double-bed, *bedcouch or auxiliar bed. WiFi** = in reception area, WiFi* = mobile access prepaid
Apartment / Studio balcony Price range Beds sleeps max. WiFi, TV
Playa Dorada Family Apartments big terrace 90€ – 180€ SS + SS + S + S 8 P SAT-TV, WiFi**
Playa Dorada Apartments big terrace 80€ – 95€ SS/DD + SS* 2/3 P SAT-TV, WiFi**
Atlantis Grand Family balcony 105€ – 138€ DD + SS 6 P TV, WiFi*
Atlantis Attico Apartment big terrace 72€ – 78€ DD 2 P SAT-TV, WiFi
Nautilus Apartment wide balcony 72€ – 78€ DD + S* 3 P WiFi, SAT-TV
Playa Dorada Studios balcony 60€ – 65€ SS/DD + S* 3 P SAT-TV, WiFi**
La Goleta Apartments balcony 65 € SS + SS + S* 5 P SAT-TV, WiFi
Remedios family Apartment terrace 64 € SS + DD + SS* 6 P SAT-TV, WiFi
Varadero family Apartment terrace 53€ – 65€ DD + SS + SS* 6 P SAT-TV, WiFi
Spania Apartments terrace 44€ – 55€ SS / DD* 4 P SAT-TV
La Terrazita Studio terrace 50€ – 54€ DD + S* 3 P WiFi, SAT-TV
Remedios Studios terrace 47€ – 53€ SS + S* 3/4 P WiFi, SAT-TV
Spania Canteras Studios terrace 39€ – 49€ SS/DD + S* 2 P SAT-TV/TV
Atlantis Apartment balcony 38€ – 46€ SS 2 P SAT-TV
Horizonte Studio balcony 34€ – 46€ DD + S* 3 P SAT-TV

Holiday rentals with limited views or without balcony

Las Palmas Rooms & Vacation Apartments with restricted Ocean-Views or without Balcony/Terrace
Oceanviews balcony Ø Price 2P occupation max.
La Goleta Apartment 1 windows views only 60€ - 76 € sleeps 5
Juan Rejon Attico terrace +10m2 36€ - 46 € sleeps 3
Alberto Attico Apartment terrace 40 m2 32€ - 44 € sleeps 4
Atlantis Studio (not) 28€ - 40 € sleeps 2
Spania Lateral Studios Balcony/
lateral views
28€ - 40 € sleeps 2

lower Budget Hostals, Studios in Las Palmas cheap Hotels, economic Rooms

cheap accomodation in Las Palmas economic rooms, apartments & studios without ocean-views
without ocean view Balcony Ø price 2P Ø monthly occupation max.
Pension Plaza (with Bathroom) no 32 € no discount 3 Guests
Naval Family Apartment yes 60 € 1300 € 7 Guests
Vista Canteras Family-Apartments no 70€ no discount 5 Guests
Muelle deportivo Apartment Marina no 45 € 800 € 4 Guests

Beach Hotel Resorts & Business-Hotels in Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Hotel description, rating, location and instant booking link
Hotelname Las-Palmas-24 neutral description instant booking area rating
Santa Catalina Santa Catalina Hotel AC Las Palmas Booking Hotel Santa Catalina Ciudad Jardin 5*****
Cristina Canteras Hotel Cristina Las Palmas Booking Hotel Cristina Canteras Beach 5*****
Reina Isabel Hotel Reina Isabel Las Palmas Booking Hotel Reina Isabel Canteras Beach 4****
Imperial Playa NH Hotel Inperial Playa NH Las Palmas Booking Hotel Imperial Playa Canteras Beach 4****
Eurostar Canteras Exe Hotel Canteras Las Palmas Booking Hotel Exe Canteras Canteras Beach 4****
Tryp Iberia Hotel Tryp Iberia Las Palmas Booking Hotel Tryp Iberia Triana 4****
AC Hotel AC Las Palmas Booking Hotel AC Santa Catalina 4****
Concorde Hotel Concorde Las Palmas Booking Hotel Concorde Santa Catalina 4****
Cantur Hotel Cantur Las Palmas Booking Hotel Cantur Santa Catalina 4****
Astoria Hotel Astoria Las Palmas Booking Hotel Astoria Guanarteme 3***
Atlanta Hotel Atlanta Las Palmas Booking Hotel Atlanta Santa Catalina 3***
Parque Hotel Parque Las Palmas Booking Hotel Parque Triana 3***
Pujol Hotel Pujol Las Palmas Booking Hotel Pujol Santa Catalina 3***
Igramar Hotel Igramar Las Palmas Booking Hotel Igramar Guanarteme 3***
Las Lanzas Apartment-Hotel Las Lanzas Las Palmas Booking Apartment-Hotel Las Lanzas Santa Catalina 2**
Colon Playa Apartements Colon Playa Las Palmas Booking Apartments Colon Playa Canteras Santa Catalina 2**
Brisamar Apartements Brisamar Las Palmas Booking Apartments Brisamar Canteras Canteras Beach 2**
Luz Playa Apartements Luz Playa Las Palmas Booking Apartments Luz Playa Canteras Canteras Beach 2**
Tinoca Apartements Tinoca Las Palmas Booking Apartments Tinoca Santa Catalina 2**
Miami Apartements Miami Las Palmas Booking Apartments Miami Santa Catalina 2**

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Holiday Apartments accomodation to rent in Las Palmas

Las Palmas accomodation

Hotels, Apartments & Studios vacation rentals

Atlantis Apartment letting with ocean-view and balcony directly at Canteras Beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

✭ Atlantis Apartment IV »

economic rates with with balcony at Las Canteras Beachfront. The Atlantis Apartment IV is very well located at the central Canteras beach area near "Playa Chica", affordable… »»»

Atlantis Attico Apartment rental with ocean-view and large rooftop-terrasse at Canteras Beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

✭ Atlantis Attico »

Penthouse-apartment with roof-terrace at Las Canteras Beach. A very spacious rooftop terrace headed to south and high standard furnishing – the Atlantis Attico holiday… »»»

Holiday apartment rental Nautilus at Canteras beach Las Palmas Gran Canaria

✭ Nautilus Apartment »

very well equipped holiday home with impressive panorama views. The very comfortable & stylish vacation apartment Nautilus is located at the best northern sector of Las Canteras… »»»

Playa Dorada family Apartments 213, 313, 210  at Canteras Beach Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

✭ Family Apartments Playa Dorada »

spacious Apartments with 2 and more bedrooms and ocean-views. Its hard to find a better place at Canteras Beach for families & small groups, when 2… »»»

Varadero Canteras self catering vacational rental at beachfront sleeps up to six adults

✭ Varadero Apartment Family »

panoramic ocean-views from a spacious sun-terrace, sleeps 6. The Canteras-Beach holiday apartment “Varadero family” is centrally located at the Las Canteras beachfront in the "la Peña"… »»»

ocean-view apartment Spania at canteras beachfront

✭ SPANIA Ocean-View Apartment »

ocean-views and sun terrace directly over the Las Canteras Beach. Space to enjoy the Canteras Beach at reasonable prices with impressive ocean-view panorama, nice sun-terraces directly over… »»»

Canteras ocean-view from Spania Apartment terrace Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

✭ Studios SPANIA »

enjoy Canteras frontal beach views from private sun-terraces starting 42 € per night. Impressive ocean-views over the Las Canteras beach, a spacious sun-terrace and full self catering equipment at reasonable… »»»