Gran Canaria Transfers from Airport Las Palmas and return

Las Palmas private Airport-Transfer per flat rate with Taxi, Limousine & Minibus to all Gran Canaria resorts

Book your Gran Canaria transfer at first hand – we are on site located directly in Las Palmas, managing our Las Palmas Airport-Transfer-Service, handling directly with our drivers! You can call us, you can trust in our experience managing more than 9.000 Transfers in the last 3 years. We are not one of the countless affiliate webpages selling unknown services.

Gran Canaria Airport-Transfer-booking without payment in advance, without any risk: check our Airport-Taxi prices, fares for private Minibus or Bus-Transfers or fares for Limousines with Driver-Services for  sophisticated passengers. We offer price-per-car based transfer-services, which are mostly cheaper and more comfortable than regular Gran Canaria Airport Taxis or shared  transfer shuttle services sold from tour-operators, when 2 or more passengers will be transported. 

You will not pay any extra charges for baggage, child seats, nightly or festival-days, you can always cancel or change reservations free of charge!

Book in the form below your private Las Palmas Airport Transfer at low fares – all routes between Airport, Port (Cruisers) and Las Palmas City, Maspalomas, Puerto Rico, Amadores, Mogan or Playa del Ingles are possible. Enjoy without any risk when booking!

Avoid unpleasant surprises: our transfers include all suplements on the taximeter our service covers all destinations on Gran Canaria Island, just select the destination area or remark it in our inquiery form below, if not listed.

How many passengers need transfer?

Limousine Transfer: reservation request, maximum 1 – 3 Pax

Gran Canaria Airport Limousine & Executive Transfers at fixed rates

++ Please note that Limousine has restricted luggage space up to 3 larger suitcases, 4 suitcases or more are not possible, please take Taxi/Vario option then. +++

Sending this form you will receive an automatic E-Mail with a copy of your request. If all dates are correct, please send us than that E-Mail back with a comment "Transfer confirmed" or add additional details or corrections if necesseary. You can always cancel free of charge!

Flight Arrival at Gran Canaria Airport

Select Car
Drive destination Hotel or Address
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Bulky Luggage
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Head of drivers, Antonio and his workmates await your arrival with a name board at the Airport Gran Canaria


We use only oficial licensed vehicles – check the "SP" label on our cars & buses.

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you cannot find our driver: Meeting-Point is at counter 6 "Iberia" in the Arrivals-hall of the Airport

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Waiting line of passengers without transfer reservation at the exit of the arrival terminal

Transfer price list

1-3 P

1 – 3 passengers with Taxi or Vario-Tarif or up to 3 passengers in Limousine

Transfer prices from Airport Las Palmas one-way incl. all booked passengers
Airport Transfers to 1–3 P Limousine
Las Palmas | Cruise Port 35€ 41€
Bahia Feliz | San Agustin 35€ 41€
Playa del Ingles 37€ 43€
Maspalomas Campo Int. 39€ 45€
Baobap Lopesan 42€ 48€
Oasis Faro Maspalomas 42€ 48€
Meloneras Maspalomas 42€ 48€
Pasito Blanco 45€ 51€
Salobre Villas & Hotels 48€ 56€
Arguineguin | Patalavaca 51€ 57€
Anfi Beach & Anfi Monte 53€ 59€
Puerto Rico & Amadores 56€ 62€
Amadores 52€ 56€
Tauro | Playa de Cura 58€ 64€
Taurito 60€ 66€
Mogan 64€ 70€
Agaete | Puerto de las Nieves 66€ 72€
3-5 P

3 – 5 passengers in private Microbus or Minibus (no shared transfer!)

Transfer prices from Airport Las Palmas one-way incl. all booked passengers
Airport Transfers to 3–5 P
Las Palmas | Cruise Port 36€
Bahia Feliz | San Agustin 36€
Playa del Ingles 39€
Maspalomas Campo Int. 42€
Baobap Lopesan 43€
Oasis Faro Maspalomas 43€
Meloneras Maspalomas 45€
Pasito Blanco 47€
Salobre Villas & Sheraton 48€
Arguineguin | Patalavaca 50€
Anfi Beach & Anfi Monte 52€
Puerto Rico 56€
Amadores 58€
Tauro | Playa de Cura 60€
Taurito 63€
Mogan 67€
Agaete | Puerto de las Nieves 69€
5-7 P

7 – 9 passengers in private Minibus or Bus (no shared transfer!)

Transfer prices from Airport Las Palmas one-way incl. all booked passengers
Airport Transfers to 5–7 P
Las Palmas | Cruise Port 43€
Bahia Feliz | San Agustin 43€
Playa del Ingles 45€
Maspalomas Campo Int. 48€
Baobap Lopesan 50€
Oasis Faro Maspalomas 50€
Meloneras Maspalomas 52€
Pasito Blanco 54€
Salobre Villas & Sheraton 55€
Arguineguin | Patalavaca 58€
Anfi Beach & Anfi Monte 60€
Puerto Rico 64€
Amadores 66€
Tauro | Playa de Cura 68€
Taurito 71€
Mogan 74€
Agaete | Puerto de las Nieves 76€
8-10 P

8 – 10 passengers in private Minibus (no shared transfer!)

Transfer prices from Airport Las Palmas one-way incl. all booked passengers
Airport Transfers to 8–10 P
Las Palmas | Cruise Port 50€
Bahia Feliz | San Agustin 50€
Playa del Ingles 53€
Maspalomas Campo Int. 56€
Baobap Lopesan 58€
Oasis Faro Maspalomas 58€
Meloneras Maspalomas 60€
Pasito Blanco 62€
Salobre Villas & Sheraton 64€
Arguineguin | Patalavaca 67€
Anfi Beach & Anfi Monte 71€
Puerto Rico 74€
Amadores 76€
Tauro | Playa de Cura 79€
Taurito 82€
Mogan 86€
Agaete | Puerto de las Nieves 88€
11-14 P

11 – 14 passengers in private Bus (no shared transfer!)

Transfer prices from Airport Las Palmas one-way incl. all booked passengers
Airport Transfers to 11–14 P
Las Palmas | Cruise Port 60€
Bahia Feliz | San Agustin 60€
Playa del Ingles 63€
Maspalomas Campo Int. 66€
Baobap Lopesan 68€
Oasis Faro Maspalomas 68€
Meloneras Maspalomas 72€
Pasito Blanco 74€
Salobre Villas & Sheraton 77€
Arguineguin | Patalavaca 80€
Anfi Beach & Anfi Monte 84€
Puerto Rico 88€
Amadores 90€
Tauro | Playa de Cura 94€
Taurito 97€
Mogan 100€
Agaete | Puerto de las Nieves 104€

Selecting the correct tariff

  • VARIO-tariff: eligible if passengers and their luggage would fit in a standard passenger car. You will drive individual and nonstop minimum in a comfortable Mercedes Benz-Taxi, or without supplement with Limousine, spacious Van or Minibus, if that cars are available in the moment of your arrival or departure. If you have more than average/usual luggage (f.e. bicycles) please select "Bus 7" tariff.
  • Limousine-tariff: Maximum 3 passengers with 3 suitcases drive per Limousine in Mercedes E-Class or OPIRUS discreet and very comfortable. Up to 6 passengers or less passengers with extra luggage drive in our comfortable Mercedes VIANO-Vans.
  • Minibus 6 tariff:  comfortable Minibuses for families, parties and passengers with bulky luggage, like stroller, pushchair, pram, wheelchair, walking frame, bicycle or Surfboard. You will drive private (no other passengers) and nonstop to your desired destination. This tariff costs only a 6 Euro supplement in comparison to our "Vario" tariff.
  • Minibus 8, 10, 12, 14 or more passengers: we provide for every party adequate bus sizes at very competitive rates, always taking your luggage also in mind. You can also rent all our cars, vans & buses with driver for private island tripps for a hourly flat rate, minimum 4 hours.
  • What means "Limousine"? Our Limousines are not "Show"- or "Stretchlimousines" for celebrations, they are discreet and comfortable Mercedes- or OPIRUS- passenger cars with courteous drivers. If you need S-Class Limousines or for any event Stretch- or Showlimousines, please make no request per form but individual request per e-mail.

Gran Canaria Transfer Service FAQ

Why our service can be cheaper as most official Taxis in Gran Canaria and still provide better quality?

  • Our Taxi-, Limousine- & Minibus Service operates with a planned service calendar, so that unpaid waiting hours for our vehicles and drivers can be minimized. Our ability to combine in many cases arrival and departure drives is not only environmentally friendly, but also reduces cost avoiding empty trips.

Are there supplements?

  • Our Las Palmas Airport Transfer has fixed rates depending on the destination area on Gran Canaria Island – You pay directy to the driver the preconfirmed price, supplements will be only charged, if yourself will change the terms (other destination area, not advised bulky luggage, not announced additional passengers).

My flight is delayed:

  • The Chauffeurs & Taxi-Drivers always track your flight number on the arrival board, so you have not to announce any change. Please advise if you can, about extraordinary incidents (example: lost baggage leads to delay). Our drivers are experienced and know, that pick up of your baggae needs a certain time and will await you.

You have lost your flight or canceled it:

  • please inform us as soon as possible by Phone, SMS or E-Mail (on the confirmation sheet), when you will arrive with another flight number as advised. Change of date & time or cancelation of our service is always free of charge.

Wheel chairs, bicycles, sport equipment, child seats & boosters

  • Please advise any extraordinary luggage, there is no supplement, if you have booked the adequate vehicle. For adequate child seats (no supplement) please advise always the childs age or weight & size. Child seats or boosters are not necessary for children taller than 135 cm or older than 12 years. Child seat norms: Group 0 (baby up to 10 kg), Group I (child 9 kg to 18 kg), Group II (child 15 kg to 25 kg), Group III (child 22 kg to 36 kg).

additional drop off locations …

  • Our prices are calculated for nonstop drives with 1 dropp off location. If you need an additional drop off stopover in the same area, we will charge a 3 € supplemnt for the additional time and mileage needed.