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Private Holiday homes and vacation-rentals in Las Palmas, Gran Canary Island

Private holiday homes like apartments or Studios at Canteras Beach are often a welcome alternative in addition to comercially driven Apartment-houses or hotellery in Gran Canaria. Many private owners themselfes spend frequently vacations in their own holiday homes, so that equipment and furniture is mostly at a higher or more complete level, than in comercially driven Apartment-houses. The neighbourhood of mostly also private apartments brings naturally a calmer and more quietful or private atmosphere.

Less or no services included: nearly no private owner holds expensive staff for daily or weekly cleaning services rope change, so that this part of the deal is in the guests hands, or has to be ordered as additional service. A final cleaning fee is nealry in all apartments obligatory. Additional cleaning- and room services can also be ordered from our Las-Palmas-24 Reservation-Service, if not offered from the owner.

For a fair comparison of Las Palmas Apartment-room-rates you should always include the lack of service or add the additional cleaning fees in your calculation. If uncommonly there appear deficits or other problems your customer rights are better within comercial rentals, because mostly an alternative room can be offered or otherwise an immediate cancellation is mostly no problem.

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There is an ocean of www-pages offering vacational apartments and holiday-homes, but under all circumstances you should care about the following facts:

Many major web-portals are offering the listed propertys from far-away and fully automated with data-bases. If you will ask the stuff there about details, differences or for a neutral recommendation, it will be very difficult to get a really helpful answer. Prefilled templates and often insufficient descriptions are carrying the risk of a bad surprise on arrival.

Also smaller "owner-made" websites, bulletin-boards or other "user-made" content in portals or review pages is often not neutral or trustable, details cannot be easily verified, because the author is anonymus.

The Las-Palmas-24-Team is staying all the year directly in Las Palmas and can help you with neutral recommendations. We know nearly all Canteras apartment rentals very detailed up to room differences within a house and will help you also in case of problems or disaccords with the owners.

If you are not sure about the most suitable option for your needs, feel free to write us directly, we will try to respond all your questions. For reservation requests in each case we need detailed terms for the planned arrival and the duration of your rental (± 3 days).

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