The best beaches on Gran Canaria Island

Beach reviews, map & location of best resorts and natural beaches

Travelers which are planning their first time canary vacations are asking often about the best beaches in Gran Canaria or other canary islands like Fuerteventura or Tenerife. With our Gran Canaria Beach beach review we will try to help you in your decision about the best possible beach resort on this island, the top recomendations will depend less on popularity than on your personal criteria as local residents. Gran Canaria has a considerable amount of beaches, but not all are that natural, unspoiled white sandy beaches, which often are presented on vacional promotion materials. Check out our beach pictures and reviews to find out, which is the best resort place at beach in Gran Canaria.

Further not only the amount of Beach resorts nearby is a dominating criteria, it also depends on other arguments, f.e. if you make holidays with children or you are prefering unspoiled and uncrowded beaches. Also security (ocean currents and waves), cleanliness and water quality are important criteria, which can affect your our your families daily fun and enjoyment at the beach. Finally the easy access to facilities and catering is also worth a view.