Las Palmas events & festivals

The cultural highlights in Las Palmas

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has beside a 500 year history of culture, also a very lively and varied  currently cultural scene to offer.

The most popular Events are the annual festivals like The Carnaval de Las Palmas in february, the film festival Festival de Cine Las Palmas in april, the Rally Gran Canaria in march & april, the foundation celebration Fiestas Fundicionales in June, The Temudas Fest in july & august, the festival de Musica & Opera and the Zarzuela, the Festival Teatro y Danza and the Canarias Jazz in the auditorio Alfredo Kraus.

Further events take place the wohle year. The most important event places are the Parque Santa Catalina, the Plaza de la Musica near the Auditorio, the Plaza Santa Ana in front of the cathedral (Vegueta), the Parque San Telmo (Triana), the Plaza Cairasco & the fairgrounds of INFECAR (ciudad alta). 

Other events

Museum, theatre, exhibitions


The Opera Auditorio Kraus, the theatres Cuyas and Peréz Galdós, event center La Cicca and Gabinete Literario are some of almost countless Points ot the cultural szene of Las Palmas.

Museums in Las Palmas

The history of the city is with the two old town districts Triana and Vegueta also a lively part of its presence. The sights, from the last 5 centuries, are almost countless in the old town. Moreover the numerous museums ensure information and education to the different topics like the histoty of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, canary artists, modern canary art, technology and science.


Centers of art and exhibitions are countless in Las Palmas. Every day you can visit events of canary and international artists ins the numerous event centers with mostly free enrty.

Cultural event centers in Las Palmas

No matter if it is about the theatre Galdos in the district Vegueta, about the Opera Alfredo Kraus or the event center CICCA -  Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has in addition to the numerous festivals the whole year a lot to offer.