Rent brandnew Scooters & Motorbikes in Las Palmas City

Economic Motorcycle Hire at Las Palmas BIKE STATION, Gran Canaria

Enjoy the advances of renting a scooter or motorcycle in Las Palmas City: it is no secret that driving a motorbike on Gran Canaria islands twisty roads is much more fun than going with a standard car. But did you know, that it is even a huge advantage when staying in or visting the city of Las Palmas and many other locations? Free parking is the problem and our Scooters & Motorcycles are the perfect solution! While its quite impossible to get short range or even more difficult overnight free parking for a rental car in Las Palmas City, there are lots of free motorcycle parking ranges, where you mostly get easy a place to stay short or overnight without a ticket and the time consuming mess of turning arround to find some acceptable space for a car. 

Even with a standard car driving licence ("B") you can hire & drive one of our brandnew Honda PCX 125 Scooters, offering very easy handling with automatic gear, bright LED-lights and outstanding stability on the road, drive it just as easy as a bicycle and still enjoy the power to keep up with all traffic. 

Enjoy our all new 2014 Honda bike rental offers for twisty sightseeing trips on Gran Canaria Island or for Las Palmas City sightseeing without parking problems!

This reservation can be canceled or changed always & without any charges! You will receive an automatic generated PRE-confirmation E-Mail with your dates. If all dates complete send us back this E-mail with the note "RENTAL CONFIRMED"

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Location of Bike Station Las Palmas

our office only 400m from Port and most Canteras Hotels

Bike Station Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Motorcycle hire, Scooter & Motorbike Rental

Las Palmas Bike Station Motorcycle Rental
Las-Palmas-24 Bike Station by 29 transfer concept s.l.
calle Secretario Artiles, 59
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria , Las Palmas , 35007 Spain
(0034) 928 224 721
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Las Palmas Motorcycle hire

rental fares Scooters & Motorbikes Gran Canaria


KMYCO Agility City 125 ccm, 9,7 hp, Vmax 95km/h


Honda PCX 125 ccm, 12,7 hp, Vmax 103 km/h


Honda Forza 300 ccm, 25 hp, Vmax 145 km/h


Honda CB 500 X Tourer, 48 hp Vmax 175 km/h


Honda NC750X Tourer, 54 hp Vmax 185 km/h

Terms of Hire

Requirements to rent our Scooters & Motorcycles

Please fullfill following requirements for the pick up of our scooters & motorbikes:

  • show original driver license (no copy): minimum car driving license "B" for 125 cc Scooters, "A2" for 300cc Honda Forza 300 Scooters or Honda CB 500 X. Show license "A" or "A1" for the Honda NC750X
  • show Passport or national ID card
  • pay 100 € damage deposit in cash or per credit card for Scooters (refund on drop-off) or 300 € for HONDA CB 500 X and HONDA NC 750 X.
  • pay rental price on pick-up in cash or per credit card

Rental includes: Insurance, 1 helmet, lock, taxes


Start directly at your cruiser, ferry or Hotel

Compare our "all in" Motorbike & Scooter rental fares, always including helmet and top case! No hidden costs for Las Palmas Motorcycle & Scooter hires, even with pickup & return directly at your cruiser, ferry or hotel in Las Palmas City. The Best practice to select a motorbike of your choice and the best fitting helmet is in our rental-office directly right between Las Palmas Port and Canteras Beach: calle Secreatrio Artiles, 59 (behind Parque Santa Catalina).

Disclaimer: BIKE STATION LAS PALMAS, 29 transfer concept SL, CIF B35764000, c/ Secreatrio Artiles, 59 in 35007 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Our Motorbikes & Scooters

listing of motorcycles to hire