Car Hire at Airport Gran Canaria

about rental-discounts & car-insurance at Gran Canaria Airport Car Rental offers

Car Rental tours at Gran Canaria Island to Anden Verde Westcoast Car trip to Anden Verde 29 transfer concept s.l.

Especially to visitors, which are planning to discover Gran Canaria with a Rental-Car in more than 3 days, we strongly recommend the car hire at Gran Canaria airport. The most spectacular landscapes, the best viewpoints and the most unspoiled places are only reachbale with a car and some hours of time to go there.

Advantages of a longer Car Rental: First of all you pay lower rent-rates and don´t have to look out for one of the expensive airport taxis or the verbose Bus Transfer from Las Palmas Airport to your Hotel or Holiday accomodation. A one-way Taxi Transfer could cost you the same price as a two-day car hire. So save the taxi fees and invest it in a longer rental starting right at Airport LPA .

Enjoy the adventurous routes along the Westcoast (picture Anden Verde above) with spectacular views, a serpentine ride to the arcadian Village of Tejeda and the inner Mountains, or a North Coast Route passing fishermans village San Nicolas and Puerto de las Nieves and Las Palmas City with "Vegueta" Old-Town and Canteras Beach.

Download a sample of a confirmed SANSU Car hire Reservation

check the rental details you will receive after confirmation

NO downpayment & always free cancelation for SANSU CAR BOOKINGs: get smoothly your holiday car hired

personal handout & pickup directly at Airport Gran Canaria arrival hall or at Cruisers in Las Palmas Port

This reservation can be canceled or changed always & without any charges! You will receive an automatic generated PRE-confirmation E-Mail with your dates. If all dates complete send us back this E-mail with the note "RENTAL CONFIRMED"

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Las Palmas Port car fares

Eco 3

Opel Corsa, Peugeot 106, Ford Ka – modern & economic fuel cars with 3 doors for 4 passengers, air conditioning, manual transmission

Eco 5

Peugeot 206 or Seat Ibiza modern & economic fuel car with 5 doors for 5 passengers, air conditioning, manual transmission

Estate 4

NEW ++ PEUGEOT TEPEE very spacious & economic diesel estate car, with 4 doors, air conditioning, manual transmission

Sedan 5

SEAT LEON or ALTEA comfortable, spacious & stronger sedan fuel cars with 5 doors, air conditioning, manual transmission

Van 8

Peugeot EXPERT, economic diesel van for 8 passengers, air conditioning, manual transmission


real "all Inclusive" car hire fares: including ALL Insurances, NOT ANY excess, no payment at reservation

A lot of online-Car brokers offering Gran Canaria Car Hire with "all inclusive rates at best prices" or "special deals". But in the real world they can only offer this dream prices, when leaving out some coverage in insurances, altering excess or other details and confront the customer surprisingly at arrival with "hardly recommendable" or obligatory extras.

Some tricks, how web-promotions are constructed:

  • NOT really all Insurances are included, for example very often the Glas breakage and tires insurance is with EXCESS or not included, nevertheless this fares are often promoted as "all inclusive" or "full coverage".
  • An overpriced fuel tank has to paid on arrival, an empty car has to be returned – nearly impossible to bail out, especially with short rentals.
  • Child seats, second driver or other details are not included or drivers age or nationality cause a "penalty supplement".
  • a full day more has to be paid, if the car return is 5 Minutes after the 24h rule.

So better check online offers including the small print and compare only final prices at the same level, to differentiate between a real deal and a cheap trick.

Check the SANSU Rental Rates fairly against offers, including also: 

  • higher graded cars in car group "ABC" or "E" than competition
  • really ALL insurances without any EXCESS
  • friendly tank policy: fill-up only up to the level the car was handed out to you
  • always included: second driver and child seats
  • 4 hours tolerance on later returns